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just a few things; i can jot down.   
01:09pm 24/07/2009
mood: uncomfortable
I miss James.

Im not feeling well today. I guess ill blame my period. I feel like nothing seems to be right today.

I was supposed to go to warped tour today. But zach sold out. surprise surprise. So i came into work.

I wonder if james will ever actually be happy with me? i wonder if anything ive done has made him realize that i love him so much. i dont ever want to be without him.

im to needy
im to clingy
ill never be good enough.
for him
for anyone.
maybe i should just get over it and realize, ill probably be the crazy cat lady.
i like cats.
so theres even more of a chance of that actually happening.
he needs someone amazing, someone so wonderful.
someone to show him not everyone sucks, to show him what unconditional love is.

i read his "journal" today?
i shouldnt have. it upsets me every time.
but the thing that upsets me is, there isnt one thing about me in it.
like im not important enough to jot down.
then, there are these girls that comment..
"ill be there if you need anyone to talk to"
"we should hang out"

no. because i want him to be forever mine. ILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR HIM GOD DAMNIT. ME. AND HE FUCKING KNOWS THAT.


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12:39pm 24/08/2008
mood: chipper
woooow! so, i havent seen this thing for almost a year now, and ive just spent wayyy to much time tryig to figure out what the password is for is. i should change the email attached to it.. right? hahah..

i just woke up, not to long ago, and im starting to get really hungry, but my boy is still sleeping.

we went and saw the dark knight last night, ive already seen it but he hadnt. he says he really liked it. seriously. thats an amazing movie.

not much has been going on, just working and shit

hey, everyone. if anyone lives in asheville, come see me tomorrow @ work. =)


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hey hey helloooo   
03:51pm 15/06/2007
  i just got outta work

waiting for wade to get home

i have to go pick up my birth control
anddd go to target to get my digital camera that he said i could get <333
thank god for him.
i dont know what i would do without him. hes far to good to me <33

i go to see alex tonight !
and jen tomorroww!!!= )

wades to busy to write me back :( but he'll be outta work soon.

sooo ill write later !

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oh lord !   
08:36pm 14/06/2007
  i havent used this site in... over a year. but thats the reason im using it.

this is the site not many people have, including my husband doesnt know of. so i can write anyhting i want ;)

everythings been... okay...
work, wade sleep.

he called me selfish today.. and meant it ;(

i sometimes worry, he doesnt love me as much ...

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07:31pm 31/05/2006
mood: decent
does everyone know the news?

I`m getting married!

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